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Calling for help

If you have an emergency and you need to call an ambulance the number in Australia for expert medical assistance is ‘000’ as quickly as possible.

You will be connected to an operator who will ask you which service you require Fire, Ambulance or Police.

‘000’ can be dialled from phone, fixed or mobile and does not require money to be if using a public phone.

If possible get someone else to make the phone call while you continue to monitor the casualty’s condition.

The important things to remember when calling for help are:

  • Which service do you need – Fire, Ambulance or Police 
  • Your name and phone number 
  • Where are you? – the name of the street, nearest cross road, Suburb & State 
  • What happened, for example there has been a car accident
  • How many people have been injured and what injuries do they have
  • Be the last person to hang up to make sure the operator has all of the necessary information.

Mobile Phones

If using a mobile phone to call for medical assistance you may need to dial ‘112’. This is because you may be in an out of network range of your mobile phone provider and you pick up another phone providers signal. You can call ‘112’ even if there is no SIM card in the mobile phone, there is no credit on a pre paid mobile phone or there is no PIN number for the phone.

‘112’ is also the GSM international standard emergency number, which can only be dialled on digital mobile phones. ‘112’ cannot be dialled from the fixed network or from new technology such as CDMA.