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Parents First Aid Course

Parents first aid is a hands-on course for new parents, or soon to be parents who would like some information on what to do if their child is in an emergency situation.  The cost of the course is the same regardless of how many students, the more people you have, the cheaper it is per person!

Parents, soon to be Parents or Grandparents to be are welcome to attend.  Babies up to the age of 10 months are also welcome to attend.



  • Course duration is 3 hours

Competencies covered within the course, include:

    • Perform CPR
    • Burns management
    • Anaphylaxis and Asthma training
    • Choking management
    • Infantile Convulsion management
    • Poisons Bites and Stings


    Please note that this is a non-accredited course and aims to provide parents with an awareness of first aid skills. Certificates will not be issued following this course. 

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